Succeeding with your setup

An overview of the initial tasks required when first setting up Rotaready in your business, typically completed within Head Office.

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There are several settings that should be checked and implemented prior to inviting your staff to log into Rotaready for the first time. This article lists the tasks to complete immediately after launching Rotaready in your business.

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Admin tasks and tips

1. Review permission levels: standard levels will have been set up for you, which will reflect what was discussed in your configuration call. You should review the finer details of your permission levels closely before inviting your employees to start using the platform.

2. Review shift types: standard shift types will have been set up for you. You may want to customise these to suit your organisation.

3. Set up clocking-in method(s): if you'll be using your own time & attendance hardware, you'll need to configure your devices. If you'll be using the Rotaready mobile app to capture attendance, you'll need to configure your attendance zones.

4. Set up integrations: if you're using a third party platform that we integrate with, you'll want to get the interface enabled to enjoy the benefits from day one.

5. Upload documents: if you'll be storing documents in Rotaready, you may want to make an early start uploading the relevant files. Our support team can help create your desired categories.

6. Invite your managers: when you’re ready, magic links should be sent out to your site-based management team so they can access their accounts and follow the steps for getting ready to go live. You can send invites individually using the Options button on a colleague’s profile.

7. Synchronising holiday entitlements: within the first week of being live with Rotaready, holiday allowances should be uploaded so staff can view their accurate balances and request holiday.


Every implementation includes one hour's consultation with your Customer Success Manager as standard which can be used at any time during your first six weeks. Additional consultations are an optional extra. You'll be invited to book your session(s) upon completion of the pre-implementation steps. Outside of dedicated consultation sessions, our support team will be on hand to help.

You are welcome to set a consultation agenda. You may use it for assistance with the above tasks, or with general guidance in your first few weeks. Your Customer Success Manager will be able to point out areas you're doing well in and areas to focus on.

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