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Clocking-in with a trusted tablet or device
Clocking-in with a trusted tablet or device

How to capture clock-ins with a trusted device, such as Rotaready provided hardware or your own, like a tablet.

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Employees can clock-in and out using your own self-install hardware.

Trusted devices can be configured to capture attendance in various ways, by an employee:

  • Tapping their name

  • Providing their 4-digit PIN code

  • Having their photo taken

  • ...or a combination of all 3 (recommended)

By default, PINs will be set based on someone's date of birth, as stored on their profile in the format DDMM.

πŸ‘€ Find out more about tracking attendance on our Spotlight Session 'Everything attendance'.

Setting up and trusting your own device

Rotaready supports most modern iPad and Android tablets. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

❗️ You will need the relevant permissions to set up a device, as well as the device itself and an open web browser, logged into your Rotaready account.

To setup a device, follow these steps:

  1. On your web browser, log into your Rotaready account

  2. Click Settings, then Trusted devices

  3. Click New device

  4. On your device, open a web browser and navigate to the following URL:

  5. Tap Setup device

  6. Enter your Organisation name and Entity ID, as displayed on the settings page on your web browser

  7. For Device name, enter something that describes where the device is located, such as Staff common room

  8. Tap Apply for trust

  9. On your web browser, find your device in the list of device and click Trust

  10. On your device, tap Try again

If you would like more than one department or site to use the same device, click Edit by the device name in your Settings and tick the relevant department/site.

Your device should now be ready to use.

We recommend you save the URL as your homepage or pin it to the device's desktop. This will ensure Rotaready is easily accessible if your device is rebooted or goes to sleep.

⚠️ Once you've trusted a device, it can't be untrusted for at least 30 days.

Using a self-install device

When using a self-install device, you should try to find somewhere to install it that:

  • Is easily accessible. Communal staff areas are ideal!

  • Is close to a plug socket

  • Has a strong Wi-Fi connection

  • Has good lighting (if photo capture is enabled)

  • Has space on the wall, for your wall mount


Device not setup

❌ If you see the Device Not Setup screen, you'll need to repeat the set-up steps above. This shouldn't happen unless you clear cookies & web storage on your device, or if you use a different browser.

This can also often happen if the device loses its WiFi connection, and so you should also check your connection.

Connection problem

πŸ“Ά If you regularly see a connection problem alert, this is usually a sign that your device doesn't have a strong enough Wi-Fi signal. Please move it closer to your wireless router/access point.

Won't turn on

πŸ”Œ If your device won't turn on, it may be that the battery is completely drained. Even with the power cable plugged in, it can sometimes take several hours for the device to recharge to 1%. Leave it plugged in overnight. Double check that the power adapter and cable are in working order by testing them on another device, if possible.

And finally...

Try rebooting your device. It's the old classic... turn it off and on again! You might not believe us, but it fixes 9 out of 10 problems. For an Android-based device, hold the power/standby button and the volume down button simultaneously until the screen goes dark.

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