Site access

Control what sites/departments a user has access to by changing their site access.

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While a permission level determines what functions an employee's user account has access to, Site Access controls the sites/departments they can see. These two features combined are a powerful way of controlling what someone can see and do on Rotaready.

By default, an employee can only access the site associated with their currently active appointment. To allow them to see more sites/departments, you'll need to change their site access. This is useful for people like area managers or head office staff.

How to use site access

To change the sites/departments an employee's user account can access, follow these steps:

  • Click Staff from the main navigation

  • Find an employee

  • Click on the Account tab

  • Choose the Site access to determine the accessible sites/departments (their current site/department only, all sites/departments, or a custom selection of sites/departments)

If the employee you're modifying is currently logged in, they may need to log-out and back in again for the changes to take effect.

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