Upload documents to an employee record, such as passports, contracts and other files, and be notified when they expire.

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You can store documents on an employee's record by uploading a file. These are encrypted and held securely within Rotaready's platform. Much like our other features, you can use permissions to control who can view and upload documents.

Document categories

Documents are grouped into document categories. There's no limit to the number of documents you can upload, nor is there a limit on how many document categories you can have.

⚠️ Currently you have to reach out to Rotaready if you want to add or change your document categories, though we're working to make this setting configurable.

There are two different types of document category.

Time sensitive

Great for documents that expire, like passports or visas. You'll be required to set an expiry date whenever you upload a file. Rotaready will alert you as the expiry date approaches and when it elapses, until you upload a new in-date document.


Great for documents that are essential for someone's legal employment, or necessary for meeting your organisation's policies, like new starter forms. The employee will be flagged as not having valid documents if a mandatory category is missing a file.

A document category can be both mandatory and time sensitive.

Rota safe-guards

Rotaready will warn you if you assign shifts to an employee who has:

  • Documents that are missing in one or more mandatory categories, or

  • Documents that have expired in one or more mandatory time-sensitive categories

Using documents

  1. Click Staff in the navigation menu

  2. Search for an employee

  3. Click the Documents tab

Documents can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on their name. The link to view a document is secure and expires after a few seconds, so it won't work if you share it with anybody else.

The presence of a coloured check mark next to a document's name denotes that it was securely signed with Rotaready Document Signatures.

Documents can be deleted using the Delete button. This is irreversible, so we aren't able to restore documents deleted by accident.

Uploading a document

Click Upload file. Drag and drop the file you wish to upload, or click in the drop zone to browse for a file. You'll be asked for an expiry date if the category is time sensitive.

All popular file formats are valid, but be aware that some unusual file extensions may be rejected. There's also a file size limit to prevent misuse of the documents feature.

Reporting on expiring documents

You can see all employees who have expiring or expired documents in a single report.

  1. Click Reports in the navigation menu

  2. Click Expiring documents

Being notified of expiring documents

Update your notification preferences under Edit preferences to control how you'd like to be notified of employees with expiring or expired documents. You can also opt-in or out using the Subscribe button alongside the expiring documents tool mentioned above.

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