Employees can request absence themselves or it can be requested on their behalf by someone with the appropriate permissions.

If an absence request is of a type that requires approval (as per your absence types) it will be pending until someone with the appropriate permissions approves it.

When absence is approved, rejected or cancelled the requester will be automatically notified and their schedule will be updated.

Requesting on someone's behalf

During the booking process, Rotaready will highlight if the dates you select overlap with approved absence for other employees. For holiday requests, Rotaready will also indicate what impact the request will have on someone's holiday allowance and whether or not it exceeds the available allowance entitlement.

  1. Click Staff in the main navigation menu

  2. Search for an employee

  3. Click the Absence tab

  4. Click Book absence

  5. Select an absence type

  6. Select the first and last day of the request

  7. If the booking is for paid absence, you can specify which days are paid and which are unpaid. Rotaready will automatically suggest the unpaid days, but it's worth verifying this as it will have an impact on their pay.

Employees can also request absence themselves via the mobile app or online.

Approving or rejecting a request

Absence requests are always displayed in the order in which they were submitted (oldest first).

  1. Click Staff in the main navigation menu

  2. Click Requests

  3. Use the View info button to view details of the request, including any concurrent approved absence (for employees in the same staff group or otherwise) and if the employee has any overlapping shifts. You can also see the request in-situ with their schedule or in-situ with all other approved bookings.

Cancelling a booking

Absence bookings cannot be edited, they can only be cancelled. If you cancel a holiday booking, the employee's allowance will be re-credited with the days/hours that were originally deducted when it was approved.

  1. Click Staff in the main navigation menu

  2. Search for an employee

  3. Click the Absence tab

  4. Under the Absence bookings section, click Cancel alongside the booking you wish to cancel. Alternatively when viewing a particular booking, click the Cancel button.

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