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Understanding regular days off when booking paid absence

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When you request paid absence in Rotaready, it's likely to overlap with a day or more when you wouldn't be working anyway. You might call this a non-working day, an off-rota day or simply a day off. We call it a "regular day off".

For people who work fixed patterns, your regular days off are obvious and predictable. If you work Monday to Friday, for example, your regular days off are Saturday and Sunday. If you were to book two weeks of Holiday (lucky you πŸ™Œ) you wouldn't expect any of the Saturdays or Sundays to be deducted from your holiday allowance.

For people who work irregular patterns, your regular days off are a bit harder to identify. They probably change each week.

Thankfully Rotaready figures this out for you. It considers various factors, including the number of days you would normally work each week, published shifts, other approved holiday and unavailability patterns, if you have any. So when you request absence and pick your start date and end date, you'll see the regular days off automatically update.

In summary, this helps ensure the correct number of days or hours are deducted from your allowance.

What if they're wrong?

Rotaready usually gets it right, but there are some special scenarios where a little input from you might be helpful. If you think Rotaready hasn't correctly identified your regular days off, you can override it by clicking Change regular days off. You can always use the revert to suggested option if you change your mind.

Just bear in mind, we'll flag to the person reviewing your request that you chose to amend the regular days off instead of using Rotaready's suggestion.

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