Absence types

Managing the different types of time off available within your organisation.

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Rotaready comes pre-configured with the most popular absence types. You can customise these or add your own.

Customise absence types

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click Absence types

  3. To add a new absence type, click the add absence type button

  4. To amend an existing absence type, click the edit button beside the relevant type from the list provided

Absence type properties


With this option enabled, absence requested of this type will be pending until someone with the appropriate permissions has approved it. Otherwise, it will be automatically approved upon submission.

Worked hours

With this option enabled, absence bookings of this type will contribute towards worked hours (when viewing rotas, reports and cost control, for example). The number of hours contributed is unique to each absence request and can be interrogated by viewing the absence booking.

This determines whether or not absence bookings of this type are treated as paid or unpaid, for the purposes of rota wage calculations, reports and cost control.

Accrues holiday

With this option enabled, Rotaready will accrue holiday for employees that have absence bookings of this type.


Staff are able to request this type of absence when this setting is enabled, otherwise, the absence type will not be given as an option when booking an absence (e.g. you may not want staff to be able to request 'sickness' through Rotaready).


When displaying absence bookings in the absence calendar, on employee schedules and on some rota editing tools, Rotaready will use the colour chosen here.

Shift match

With this option enabled, absence of this type can match up with a shift instead of a clock-in and clock-out. This is typically suitable for absence types like Sickness or Unauthorised absence.

Allowance required

With this option enabled, absence of this type cannot be booked unless the employee has an allowance of the same absence type.

File uploads

You can choose whether or not files can be uploaded to absence bookings of this type. Any files uploaded to an absence booking are also associated with the employee's documents, so you must select a document category with which the files can be associated.

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