Holiday accrual is when an employee earns holiday based on the number of hours they work each week.

In the UK, the default accrual rate is 12.07% of the hours worked, though in other jurisdictions this is different. The rate can be overridden on an allowance too.

If an employee has an auto-accrued holiday allowance, Rotaready will automatically top-up their entitlement on a weekly basis (up to an accrual limit, if one is set) calculated from signed-off data.

The employee can then request paid holiday out of this allowance.

How it works

At the end of each week, Rotaready will automatically top-up holiday entitlements for employees who have an auto-accrual holiday allowance. These accruals run on a 1 week lag to give you time to sign-off the week. For example, the calculation on Sunday 14th would consider hours worked between Monday 1st – Sunday 7th.

Holiday accrual is based on signed-off data, meaning only the hours that staff were payable for will be considered.

Example: Lucy worked 42.87 hours between Monday 1st and Sunday 7th. She has an auto-accrual allowance, with the default accrual rate of 12.07%. Her balance will be topped up with 5.17 hours for that week (42.87 * 12.07%). This would be credited to Lucy's entitlement on Sunday 14th.

Read more about holiday allowances to find out how to set-up employees with an auto-accrual allowance.

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