Notable Events

How to create notable events and manage these events in a dedicated Events Planner.

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Notable Events are special occasions that are relevant to your business that may influence your scheduling. These could be national events (such as Bank Holidays) or local events (such as a concert in the local town). These events are managed in the dedicated Events Planner and will be displayed on both the rota editor and cost control.

💎Notable Events is only available with the Pro and Premium packages

⚠️ Regular day-to-day events (such as individual customer reservations/bookings, or tasks for your team to complete on a day), should not be added as notable events.

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Add Events

To add events using the Event Planner, navigate to the Rotas tab and select Event planner. Click on the relevant date and set the following details:

  • Event name

  • Start and finish date/time

  • Which sites/departments in your business the event should be visible in

  • Event type

  • Anticipated commercial impact of this event (I.e. positive or negative)

  • Whether absences requested during this event should be flagged for attention

Alternatively, you can add a notable event straight into the rota editor using the small calendar icon in the date cell. Notable events added this way will only display on the rota it was added to.

Manage Events

To edit or delete an existing event, simply click on the event in the Event planner, and the event details will open on the right-hand side. Select ‘Delete Event’ to remove this from your planner.

⚠️ An employee’s permission level will determine if they can view or add organisation-wide events, or only events to specific to their own site/departments.

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