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How to add a new joiner and create their Rotaready user account.

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In Rotaready, an employee and a user account is the same thing. Everyone has self-service access to Rotaready, but what they can see and do is controlled by their permission level.

โš ๏ธ If someone who previously worked for you is re-joining your organisation, do not add them as a new employee. Reactivate their existing Rotaready account instead.

๐Ÿ‘€ Check out our Spotlight Session on 'Confidently creating employee profiles' for a full demonstration.

Add a new employee

  1. Click Staff on the main navigation menu

  2. Click Add staff

  3. Now complete the employee's basic information. You must provide a name and email address. You'll be alerted if we find someone with the same name or date of birth. If this employee used to work for you, you should reactivate their old account by adding a new employment record.

  4. You may choose to copy an existing staff member which is more time efficient if it's for someone with similar employee attributes/job role.

  5. Next, complete the remaining basic contractual details. Be sure to set the permission level carefully, as this will determine what the employee can see and do when they log into Rotaready for the first time and may give away sensitive information.

  6. If you would prefer the employee to be given access to Rotaready at a later date, then untick the option to send a magic link. Otherwise, we will send a link directly to your new employee, inviting them to create a password for their account and get logged into Rotaready for the first time.

  7. Click Add and you will be taken into the employee's incomplete profile. Here, you'll see a completion tracker at the top of your page which can be used to complete the rest of the employee's profile. Once a section is completed, the tracker will update with a green tick.

  8. First, fill in the employee's Personal details. You can also update emergency contact and financial details using the More options button.

  9. As an additional step, you can also update their tags and permissions from the Account page. Tags represent skills and attributes and are used in rota templates and shift broadcasts.

  10. Next, you'll need to complete the employment tab by checking the employment and appointment details. It's important that the employee's appointment details are accurate, as their contractual details will pull through to many areas of Rotaready.

  11. Their pay record comes next. Set their pay basis, pay amount and more. You may also set a Tronc rate if your organisation uses our Tronc feature!

  12. Lastly, you must create a holiday allowance. You can find information on the types of holiday allowances you can set here.

Note: Rotaready will send the magic link by email. If an email address hasn't been supplied, we'll try to send one by SMS message instead. A magic link is only valid for a couple of days, but you can send a new one at any time by using the Options button on the employee's Account page. Each time you do so, the old link will immediately expire (so make sure your new joiner uses the most recent link!)

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