Pay records

How to maintain a chronological history of employee salary information, bonuses and special pay rates such as overtime.

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Pay records allow you to track an employee's salary and other associated pay rates as they change over time. You can record any one-off amounts that are awarded such as bonuses, too.

If employees receive different pay rates under special conditions, such as overtime or bank holidays, take a look at our article on pay types & rules.

How to use pay records

Simply navigate to an employee's profile and click on the Pay tab.

โ—๏ธ Pay records aren't directly connected to appointments. However, if an employee's pay record doesn't fall chronologically within of any of their appointments, the pay record will be invalid.

Adding a pay record

  • Click Add pay

  • Choose a start date. Rotaready will identify which of the employee's appointments are active on this date and associate the relevant currency.

  • Choose a pay element type. You'll always see Basic pay, but the others are customisable within your organisation's settings.

  • Pay frequency is important if you're looking to integrate Rotaready with a payroll system.

  • Wage uplift is used to artificially inflate someone's pay, for the purposes of wage cost calculations within the rota and other tools. It's a simple way of factoring in the cost of pensions and other benefits.

It's definitely encouraged to add a pay record ahead of time, with a future-dated start date. When calculating wage costs on the rota, Rotaready will always use the relevant pay record that applies.

Amending a pay record

Just click on the pay record you wish to change.

If someone's pay is changing, such as a pay rise, you should add a new pay record with the start date set to when the change is effective from. Usually the only reason to edit a pay record is if you've made a mistake.

Deleting a pay record

We don't recommend that you remove pay records. It's important to keep a history of how someone's pay has changed over time, and this is especially necessary if you're using Rotaready in conjunction with a payroll system.

However, if a pay record has been entered by mistake, simply click on the pay record you wish to delete and click the Delete button.

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