Getting started with Rotaready

If it's your first time using Rotaready, let's get you up to speed.

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We're really happy to have you with us! We care just as much about your experience using Rotaready as we do your employer's. Let's take you through some of the key things you can do:

Clock-in & out for your shifts ⏰

You can clock-in & out for your shifts either by using the Rotaready app or by a tablet/device that will be set up in your workplace. Your company will advise you on the best way to clock-in & out based on their own internal policy.

  • Clock-in using the mobile app - Tap ‘clock-in & clock-out’

  • Clock-in using a tablet/device - Tap on your name and enter your 4-digit PIN (this is initially set to your day and month of birth in the format of DDMM). You may even be prompted to have a snap taken of you - smile!

Accurately clocking-in & out at the beginning and end of each shift ensures your hours and pay are calculated correctly. Don’t worry if you forget – give your manager a shout and they'll be able to make any required changes.

See your shifts 🗓

Rotaready will let you know as soon as your shifts have been published and are ready to view. You’ll be able to see what shifts you’ll be working and when, so you can plan the rest of your week.

On the Rotaready app, tap Schedule to see only your shifts in a calendar view, or Rota to see the whole rota. Tap on an individual shift for more information. We’ll send a notification if any changes happen, so you’re always kept in the loop.

If shift swapping is enabled for your workplace and you find a shift that doesn't particularly suit you, you can request a swap or offer your shifts out for a colleague to pick up on your behalf.

Request holiday ⛱

You can view your up-to-date holiday allowance and request time off.

Just tap Absence to see exactly how many days or hours you have left available in your allowance this year. You can also request time off by tapping Request Absence and following the steps.

You'll be notified once your request has been approved or rejected, at which point your schedule and allowance will be automatically updated.

👀 Get a tour of the mobile app and its features on our Spotlight Session 'Making the most of the mobile app'.

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