Clocking in & out

How to record your attendance at work by clocking in and out for your shifts.

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Clocking in and out helps your employer accurately track staff hours, which in turn helps ensure you get paid correctly. 

It's simple, just make sure you clock-in at the start of your shift and clock-out at the end! You should check with your employer if you're required to additionally clock-in and out for your break; this appears in Rotaready as 'break on' and 'break off'.

There are a couple of ways that you may be able to clock-in/out with Rotaready:

  • Using the Rotaready app (on your smartphone/device)

  • Using a Rotaready tablet (located within your workplace)

How to clock in & out

On the Rotaready app

The Rotaready app uses GPS to ensure you're physically within the perimeter of your workplace.

  • Tap Clock-in & clock-out in the navigation menu

  • Tap the relevant button to register your attendance

It's as easy as that! If the app says you're too far away, try these things:

  • Ensure location settings on your device are turned on

  • Enable Wi-Fi, as this helps get a more precise reading of your location

  • Check you're close to the Attendance Zone (check with your manager where this is, as you may not be close enough)

If you and other colleagues regularly see "you're too far away" despite being at work, ask your manager to try increasing the 'attendance sensitivity' in Rotaready's attendance zones setting. They're in control of how sensitive this is.

On a Rotaready tablet

Your employer may have installed a Rotaready tablet at your workplace. Ask your manager to find out where it's situated.

  • Tap the screen to clear the screensaver, if necessary

  • Tap your name, or the first letter of your surname if necessary

  • If requested, enter your clock-in PIN. You can change your PIN in the Rotaready app or online.

  • Tap clock-in, clock-out, break-on or break-off

  • If your employer has photo capture turned on, move your face into the red circle, ensure nobody else is in the photo and remain still while the photo is captured

Rotaready won't clock you in or out automatically if you forget. If this happens, ask your manager as they can add your attendance manually or amend the time.

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