My holiday allowance

Keep track of how many holiday days/hours you've accrued or been allocated.

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Where to find your holiday allowance

  • On the Rotaready app: Tap Absence in the navigation menu

  • On the web: Under the Home navigation menu, click My absence

What the numbers mean

Holiday allowances are annual, which means there's a new one every year. By default, the allowance for the current holiday year will be highlighted, but you always have the option to see previous years' allowances.

Your holiday allowance will either be in days or hours, depending on both your employment contract and how your employer is using Rotaready. For simplicity's sake, we've used the word 'days' in our explanations below, but this could be used interchangeably with 'hours'.


This is the main figure presented inside the allowance ring. It's the total number of days you're entitled to this year. It may increase on a weekly basis (if you accrue holiday in line with the hours you work) or on a monthly basis (if your full allowance is set to gradually become available to you throughout the course of the year).


This is the total number of days you've booked, including holiday requests that are in the future and haven't happened yet. If a future-dated request is cancelled by you or your manager, the days will be re-credited to you automatically and your Used value will decrease.


This is the number of days you have left to use. From a maths perspective, it's simply: entitlement - used.

Overspend limit

This is the number of days your employer is allowing you to use over and above the amount you have remaining and are predicted to have accrued by the absence booking date (if accrual predictions have been enabled for your allowance). Think of it like an overdraft. It's a way your employer can be flexible and allow you to book holiday before you might have accrued or earned it.

To accrue

You might notice a ‘to accrue’ number (dependant on allowance type), this is a calculated based on your average working hours, we estimate you will have accrued this by the end of the allowance year.

Accrual cap

If you accrue holiday in line with the hours you work, Rotaready will automatically credit your entitlement on a weekly basis. Your employer might set an accrual cap to prevent your entitlement from growing too large.

Audit history

You might see an audit history alongside each holiday allowance. This shows how the entitlement has changed over time, a little bit like transactions for a bank balance. 

Debits will appear when days/hours have been spent, such as when a holiday booking is made or if your employer reduces your entitlement. Credits will appear when days/hours have been earned or added; this can happen if your allowance is set to automatically accrue in line with the hours you work, or if a holiday request is cancelled or rejected.

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