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Employee submitted details

How to review new joiners' self-submitted details, or employees' updates to their information.

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💎Employee submitted details is only available with the Pro and Premium packages

When a new joiner submits their details, or an existing employee updates their information, you will need to review the changes. This review process is known as employee submitted details.

Review employee submitted details

Navigate to Employee Submitted Details within the Staff section.

You will see a list of the submissions pending review. These will either be from new joiners or from existing employees updating their profiles.

To accept or ignore the submitted information, select the employee's name and go through each tab, clicking the approve / ignore button as you see fit. As you approve, the information is stored on the employee’s profile.

If you need to amend any of this personal information at a later date, you can do so by navigating to the employees profile as normal, and update the information here.

⚠️ You can set up a subscription to be notified each time an employee self-onboards or updates their profile.

⚠️ When reviewing new joiners' details, each section's submitted details has to be either approved or ignored before you can continue to the next section. You can return to a previous tab if you need to amend your previous selection.

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