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Rotaready can notify you of key events by email, SMS (text message) or mobile push. Mobile push is the best way to receive notifications, but it only works if you have the free Rotaready app installed.

Changing your notification preferences

You're in complete control of what and how Rotaready notifies you. Just log-in online or on the Rotaready app. Online your preferences are found under Edit preferences and on the app, tap Settings, Edit Settings then Notifications.

When you first use the Rotaready app, we'll give you the option to disable SMS notifications and receive mobile push notifications instead.


Subscriptions let you opt-in to being notified of certain events when they occur within Rotaready. A subscription can be site-specific or span multiple sites.

A simple example is if you wish to be notified when a rota is published. This is something you can subscribe to. A more complex example, only relevant for users with the necessary permissions, is if you wish to be notified when absence requests are submitted within a certain site or group of sites.

The events you could subscribe to include:

  • When rotas need approval, are published, or are unpublished

  • When weeks are signed off

  • When new joiners submit their onboarding details

  • When shift broadcasts are created, accepted, rejected, or filled

  • When documents are expiring, or have expired

  • When absences are requested, cancelled, approved, or rejected

  • When new employees need approval or are approved

  • When employees update their own details

Using subscriptions

Keep an eye out for Subscribe buttons dotted across the platform. Sometimes they'll appear as a speaker icon. Clicking on them will show you the relevant events you can subscribe to, and optionally the site(s) you can filter on.


You can unsubscribe in the very same place where you subscribed, using the same button. There's also a Subscriptions page to help keep track of all of your subscriptions; you can unsubscribe there too:

  • Click your profile picture or initials

  • Click Manage subscriptions

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