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Self-onboarding is the method through which you, as a new employee, can share your personal information with your employer. Your progress will save as you go along, in case you get interrupted.

Once you've completed the process, you'll be able to access to the Rotaready mobile app. A manager will review your submitted details before they're saved securely to your Rotaready profile.

⚠️ You’ll only be able to start the onboarding process once you’ve set up your account.

Completing self-onboarding on the Rotaready app

Once you’ve downloaded the Rotaready app and have logged in, you’ll be prompted to start your self onboarding. This involves submitting some or all of the following information:

  1. Home Address

  2. Personal Information

  3. Bank Details - After submitting your details, you’ll be prompted to double check they’re correct.

  4. National Insurance Number

  5. Right to Work - In this stage, you’ll be able to specify which Right to Work document you wish to upload. You’ll then be prompted to upload a picture of this document from your camera or gallery.

  6. Documents - Here, you may be prompted to upload any relevant documents through a similar process to step 5.

  7. Emergency Contacts

❗️Your details won’t be submitted until you complete all of the onboarding steps. Once you’ve done so, your manager will be notified, inviting them to review the details you’ve shared.

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