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Setting up & logging into your account
Setting up & logging into your account

How to log-in, set-up your account or reset your password.

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Setting up your account

Once your employer has created your account, you'll receive a welcome email or text message from Rotaready. If you haven't received this message, deleted it by accident, or if the link has expired, just ask your employer to re-send it πŸ‘They can do this in Rotaready in a single click.

If you're on a mobile phone, the message will contain a link that guides you to the App Store or Play Store to download the free Rotaready app. Once you've done this, or if you're on a computer, follow the next link in the message to set your password and set-up your account. And that's it!

Logging in

You won't be able to log-in or reset your password until your account has been set-up. If you don't recall ever setting your password, you haven't set-up your account yet, so please follow the advice above πŸ‘†

Rotaready is cloud-based software, which means you can log in from anywhere that has an internet connection and a modern web browser. Open the Rotaready app or the Rotaready website to log-in, where you’ll be asked for the following details:

  • Organisation name – this will usually be your company name as one word, all in lower case. You can find yours in your welcome email. Just click 'Forgot organisation name' if you can't remember.

  • Email – your email address

  • Password – the password you set when setting up your account. Just click 'Forgot password' if you can't remember.

Just so you know, Rotaready's support team can't help you if you can't access your account or if you forget your password. Please use the Forgot Password service, or speak with your employer.

Single Sign On

Your employer may have enabled 'Single Sign On'. This means you'll be guided to your familiar workplace log-in screen instead of the Rotaready one. Here, just use your usual workplace log-in credentials. If you have trouble logging in, you'll need to contact your employer as Rotaready can't help you.

Congratulations – you’re ready to start using Rotaready! πŸŽ‰

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