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Self-onboarding (for employers)
Self-onboarding (for employers)
How to check and review the details submitted by new employees who have self-onboarded through the mobile app.
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💎Self onboarding is only available with the Pro and Premium packages

Employees can be invited to self-onboard when they first access Rotaready. A new employee will be invited to submit the following details:

  • Address

  • Personal details

  • Bank details

  • National insurance details

  • Right to work and other documents

  • Emergency contact details

An employee will be able to access their Rotaready account immediately after completing the onboarding steps. When adding a new employee, you can choose to invite the employee to self-onboard. If you choose not to do so, you can add the employee’s details manually.

You will be able to see the employee’s onboarding status within the Staff tab or the Account tab on their profile - this is displayed by a label (either ‘Invited’, ‘Completed’ or ‘Not Invited’).

  • Invited: User has been invited to complete onboarding but has not yet completed it

  • Completed: User has completed the onboarding flow

  • Not Invited: User has not been invited to complete onboarding

An employee at the Invited status will be displayed with a pink ‘self-onboarding’ label next to their name on the Staff tab.

Reviewing the submitted information

Once the employee has submitted their information on the app, a manager can accept or ignore the information. To do so, navigate to Employee Submitted Details within the Staff section.

By default, Rotaready will display the submissions pending review, defined as those with the status ‘Needs reviewing’ or ‘In review’. You can select ‘Reviewed’ from this filter to instead see previously reviewed employees. To accept or ignore the submitted information, select the employee's name and go through each tab, clicking the approve / ignore button as you see fit. As you approve, the information is stored on the employee’s profile.

⚠️ Please note, each section's submitted details has to be either approved or ignored before you can continue to the next section. You can return to a previous tab if you need to amend your previous selection.

If you need to amend any of this personal information at a later date, you can do so by navigating to the employees profile as normal, and update the information here.

⚠️ If an employee abandons the self-onboarding steps before completing it, their progress will be saved. When they return to the app, they will be prompted to continue completing their details.

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