Launching Rotaready in your business
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⚠️This article is written for customers who are about to start their journey with Rotaready.


Before starting these steps, you and/or your decision-making committee will have had a Rotaready product demo, the opportunity to ask questions, and will have completed the necessary paperwork.

  1. Data
    You'll be provided with a template to complete with your staff information, and a link to upload it securely.

  2. Configuration call
    You'll meet your Onboarding Consultant, who'll ask a range of questions over a 30 minute call to understand your desired core settings and configuration. The questions will cover your Operations, Finance, HR and Payroll functions, so you may need to bring along other colleagues to have all these areas covered. You'll be sent a copy of the results, which you'll need to approve before we can move to the next step.

  3. Environment build
    Your Onboarding Consultant will create your bespoke environment, tweak the settings and import your data into it.

  4. Training
    Interactive training sessions are delivered live through Microsoft Teams by your Onboarding Consultant. We recommend that any employees who will be using Rotaready in a managerial role should attend a training session. Every implementation includes one training session as standard, with additional sessions an optional extra. A training session will last approximately 60 minutes and will focus on the key areas to get up and running. Our training webinar can be shared with any employees who were unavailable for the original training session(s). The learning will be reinforced and supplemented by 'product tours' (that launch automatically when your employees access Rotaready for the first time) and our spotlight session archive (which hosts deep-dive videos into a wide range of features).

After these steps, you'll be able to access Rotaready and can move on to the steps for a successful implementation. Your Onboarding Consultant will still be on hand to help.

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