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Training Webinar

Rotaready training webinar: A 40 minute session that covers how to get off to a good start with the day-to-day features of Rotaready.


Basics of rota building: The best ways to manage your rotas with a deep dive into all of the features and filters within the rota editor.

Neatly navigating the weekly workflow: Exploring the process of getting ready for a week, covering everything from sales forecasts to publishing rotas.

Simplifying shift types: Exploring shift type setup, how they link with our other features, the shift hierarchy and shift recommendations.

One-click rota building: Discovering how to create rotas more quickly and efficiently by using our rota templates feature.

Notable Events: Learn how Rotaready's event planner works and how it influences rota scheduling and absence requests.


Confidently creating employee profiles: Exploring how to easily and accurately create a new user profile by navigating through each of the tabs.

Steering through the staff section: See Rotaready's HR related features in full detail - insight into the staff section and staff profiles, covering everything from employment details to availability patterns and beyond.

Introducing employee self-onboarding: A step-by-step guide on how to enable new joiners to self onboard onto Rotaready, both from an employers & employee’s perspective.

Learning the leaver process: A step-by-step guide to processing a leaver from marking someone's employment end date to calculating their final holiday balance for payroll.

Employment records - new & improved: Exploring our updated employment features and new fields.

Permissions - the key to getting it right: A close look at how permissions work in Rotaready explaining the best ways to promote flexibility whilst protecting sensitive information.

Redefining document signing: Everything you need to know about sending documents out for signatures, merge tags and document signature credits.

Tracking employee assets: Learn how to create, assign and return assets to track the physical items assigned to staff using the Asset Registry.

Removing employee records: Learn how to anonymise and delete employee records within Rotaready to stay on top of data protection regulations.

Absence & Holiday

Accomplishing absence allowances: A closer look at the different types of absence allowances.


Everything attendance: Take a tour around the different methods of clocking-in, managing your attendance records & issues, ‘sanitisation’, and much more!

Cost Control & Reporting

Conquering cost control: Learn the functions of this tool, from forecast to actual, hours to wages, cost stream to shift types.

Forecast vs Actual: the variance explained: Learn the reasons why your forecast labour will differ to your actual, for even tighter operational control.

Harnessing the power of 'holiday smoothing': Learn all about holiday smoothing’s role in Rotaready’s wage cost calculations and how it helps track your operational labour metrics.

Preparing for payroll: Learn the steps you'll need to take in the lead up to your payrun, ensuring you have the most accurate and reliable data for payroll.

Better budgeting: The process of adding a budget and exploring how doing so aids the effective control of your commercial performance.

Tronc - some helpful tips: Insight on how to navigate our tronc feature and the different tronc types.

Wage cost calculations: what, how and why: We'll put Rotaready's calculations under the microscope to explore the method and rationale behind determining wage spend.


Xero & Rotaready - the powerful payroll integration: Learn how our interface pushes worked hours & absences through to Xero to make payroll a breeze!

The Ins and Outs of Integrations: A run-through of all the integrations we offer, how to enable them and what happens once they’re enabled.


Succeeding with your setup: Tips and tricks on how to have the best possible start with Rotaready.

Understanding your Rotaready Success Score: Learn how your quarterly score is found and what you can do to boost it!

Making the most of the mobile app: An in-depth live tour of the Rotaready mobile app from start to finish, including how employees check and swap their shifts, clock-in and request holidays.

Your most frequent questions, answered: A collation of the answers to all of the questions we get asked the most.

Rotaready hidden gems: Delving into the nooks and crannies of Rotaready to explore some brilliant but lesser-known features!

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