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The difference between forecast and actual hours/wages
The difference between forecast and actual hours/wages

A walkthrough of the reasons why actual hours/wages will differ from the forecast in Cost Control

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Your actual hours and wages will almost always differ to your forecast. This is because Rotaready takes a snapshot of your hours and wages the moment your rota is published and uses this for your forecast. A lot can change between then and now.

Consider the following scenarios when questioning why your actual hours/wages differ:

  • Changes were made to the rota, such as extra shifts being added and existing shifts being lengthened, shortened or deleted

  • Employees worked longer than expected, by starting early or finishing late (this may be negated, depending on your organisation's sanitisation/rounding rules)

  • Employees worked overtime that triggered a different pay rule

  • Employees didn't show up for work

  • Pay records were changed for employees, such as a pay rise or pay decrease

  • A salaried employee joined the team, either as a new joiner or from another site/department

  • A salaried employee left the team, either as a leaver or moving into a different site/department

  • A cover shift was added, originating in another site/department but was worked in your site/department. The originating site will have chosen to attribute hours/wages to the work site.

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