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Shift swaps (for employers)
Shift swaps (for employers)

How employees can swap shifts and how to manage the approval process.

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Shift swaps allow employees to exchange shifts with each other.

Rotaready's in-built validation always applies, ensuring only eligible employees are able to swap with each other. All the usual rules are validated, such as minimum contractual hours, required skills, availability and more.

❗️ There are several organisation-wide settings which can be adjusted by Rotaready on your behalf:

  1. Whether or not shift swapping is allowed

  2. Cut-off: how soon a shift can be swapped before it's scheduled to start

  3. Whether or not a shift swap requires a manager's approval before it's confirmed

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Some definitions

There are two different kinds of exchange:

Shift offer: giving it away

If an employee is unable to work a shift which has been assigned to them, they can offer it out for another colleague to work. Rotaready will identify the eligible colleagues on their behalf and display the shift to those people, giving them the option to accept.

Shift swap: trading it for another

If an employee unable to work a shift but doesn't want to lose the hours, they can swap shifts with another colleague. Quite simply, they take each other's shifts.

When someone initiates a shift swap, Rotaready will ask them to suggest dates when they'll be available to work instead. The shift will only appear for the eligible colleagues who have a shift of their own that meets the initiator's availability.

With either option, Rotaready makes it clear that they remain responsible for their original shift until the swap has been accepted and approved by management.

How employees swap shifts

To learn more about how employees can swap shifts with each other, read our article on shift swaps for employees.

Reviewing shift swaps

If your organisation has the management approval setting enabled, you'll need to approve a swap before it's able to conclude. Otherwise, shift swaps will be automatically approved.

βœ… If a shift swap has made it to the review stage, this means it has passed Rotaready's in-built validation. You can accept with confidence knowing it won't compromise any aspect of your rota or the employees working it.

  • Click Staff then Requests

  • Click the Shift swaps tab

Here you can review the pending swaps. Any action you take will trigger a notification to the employees concerned.

You can also opt-in to receiving notifications for when swaps are requested using the Subscribe button.

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