Rota validation

Shifts are validated in real-time whenever you make changes to the rota, safeguarding your employees and your business.

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Rotaready validates every change made to a rota in real-time. A final validation check also happens when a rota is published.

These checks help safeguard your business, ensuring working time regulations are met, or making sure that shifts requiring certain skills are only filled by employees possessing those skills, for example. In fact, there are over 20 such validation checks that take place instantly.
Some validation checks result in optional issues. These can be ignored if you feel confident in doing so. Other validation checks can trigger mandatory issues. These can't be ignored, so the affected change will be reverted.

Mandatory validation issues

Working day is too long

Rotaready automatically wraps one or more shifts with an invisible working day. That working day can only grow to a certain length in hours. If the employee only has one shift, try decreasing its length, it's possible the shift is too long for their working day. If the employee has multiple shifts, it's likely the duration from the start of their first shift to the end of their last is too long.

Overlapping working day

Rotaready automatically wraps one or more shifts with an invisible working day. Each working day is followed by a rest period as required by the local working time regulations. If you see this issue when adding a shift, it's likely your shift starts while the employee is resting following their previous working day.

Not available

An employee can't be in two places at the same time. As such, two shifts cannot overlap. Similarly, an employee can't be absent or unavailable at the same time as a shift. You'll have to rearrange the shift or cancel the absence or unavailability.

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