Publishing a rota

How to publish a rota so the shifts are visible to all employees.

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Publishing a rota makes all the shifts visible to the employees in that site/department. 

When you publish a rota, Rotaready takes a snapshot of the wage cost and hours. These values are used as the forecast figures in Cost Control and other tools and reports. Also, any changes you make from this point forwards will trigger notifications to the concerned employees.

For these reasons, we recommend you only make changes to a published rota if you really need to. If you do find the need to make major changes, it's better to use the Unpublish button. This reverts your rota to a draft state. When you publish it again, Rotaready will take a new snapshot of the wage cost and hours.

Publishing a rota

⚠️ You may not have permission to publish a rota. If rota approval is enabled for your organisation, you'll have to mark it for approval when you're done editing.

Simply navigate to your chosen week in the rota editor, and click Publish.


Rotaready validates all the shifts again when you publish a rota. This makes sure the shifts within it can co-exist alongside other previously published shifts, amongst other checks. If any issues arise, you'll have to resolve them before publishing is complete.

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