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My dashboards

Customise and share dashboards for a quick, personalised view of important information that fits your role and business needs.

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Your dashboard is the first page you'll see when you log into Rotaready, offering an overview of important details at a glance. This page is fully customisable with widgets, allowing you to keep track of key information, like last week's new starters or this week's wage percentage.

Depending on your role and business requirements, your dashboard can be tailored for a single department or multiple sites. You can create and share numerous dashboards, enabling collaboration with colleagues and sharing your insights.

⚠️ Your dashboard will be blank when you first log into Rotaready, so you'll want to create your own or select a shared one to get started.

Creating a dashboard

Navigate to the My dashboards page from the main Home tab in your navigation bar, then click Create new dashboard.

❗The dashboard designated as your 'Home' dashboard will be displayed on your main home page.

Adding widgets

  1. Click to Add widget

  2. Choose a widget from the options provided

  3. Customise the widget details

  4. Confirm by clicking Add widget

You can arrange your widgets in between 'labels' to categorise your widgets. To make a label, click Add widget and choose the Label option.

Updating a widget

To edit, duplicate, or delete a widget, click the More options button. You can rearrange widgets by dragging and dropping them or resize them by stretching them horizontally.

Sharing a dashboard

You can share a dashboard with a colleague to let them explore your customised view. Shared dashboards can only be viewed in read-only mode, so your colleagues won't be able to make any changes.

To share a dashboard, click the Share dashboard button on your dashboard or from the My dashboards page. To view a shared dashboard, click the Read-only tab via the My dashboards page.

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