Asset Registry

Recording and tracking the physical items that have been assigned to employees

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The Asset Registry allows you to keep track of the physical assets, or items, that have been issued to employees as part of their responsibilities (for example, a set of keys, a mobile phone, or even an item of uniform). You can record when assets were issued to and returned by an employee, and track any corresponding asset details (such as the serial number or item value).

💎 The Asset Registry feature is only available with the Pro and Premium packages

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Asset Registry

The Asset Registry provides a summarised view of all assets issued to employees across the business, including the following details: Employee name, Asset type, Asset/Serial number, Value, Notes, When and Who issued/returned the asset.

You can access the Asset Registry via the main Staff tab in your navigation bar.

Asset types

Asset types define the items that can be issued to employees, such as keys, mobile phones, etc. You can customise your Asset types within the main Settings tab in your navigation bar.

Add assets

You can issue, edit and return assets to employees via the Asset Registry tab within their profile.

To issue an asset to an employee, click the Add asset button and complete the following details:

  • Asset type

  • Date issued

  • Asset number (optional)

  • Serial number (optional)

  • Value (optional)

  • Notes (optional)

Returning assets

An asset should be returned when someone gives an asset back to the business (for example, if their employment ends) to track when and who the asset was returned to.

To return an asset, click the Return button by the relevant item and choose the Return date.

⚠️ Rotaready will not automatically return an asset when an employee’s account becomes inactive, so you should ensure that all assets are returned and tracked when they leave the company.

Manage assets

To edit an asset's details, or to view the history of any changes made to an asset, click the three-dot icon in the Options column.

❗️You must have the relevant permissions to view, add and update assets via the Asset Registry or someone's profile.

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