Uploading your weekly budgets to compare against your forecast and actual figures.

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A budget is a financial plan for a defined period of time – most commonly set ahead of a financial year or quarter. Uploading budgets to Rotaready allows you to prepare for upcoming weeks effectively and to visually compare your performance against budgeted and actual figures.

You can budget using a number of metrics as a total figure for a site/department, or perhaps broken down by cost stream. Budgets can be uploaded in terms of:

  • labour hours

  • sales

  • wage costs, or

  • wage percentage

πŸ‘€ Have a watch of our Spotlight Session 'Better budgeting' for more information.

Budgets vs forecast

Differently to daily forecasts, a budget is set on a weekly basis and is typically planned prior to your financial year commencing. Once set, budgets are very rarely changed.

Forecasts are usually calculated much closer to a week starting and can be changeable as they use live information, such as events, bookings, or weather, to evaluate a more realistic forecast.

Using budgets

You can view and amend budgets within Rotaready's budgeting tool, found in the Settings tab. Once uploaded, budgets are also visible within Cost Control and the Hours/Wages tool on the rota editor.

Uploading a budget

  1. Select the site within the budgeting tool

  2. Click the New period button and give the budget period a name, start date and duration

  3. Click the Edit button beside each week to amend the default figures

⚑️ If you're uploading a mass of budget data, it may be quicker for us to import your budget information for you. Get in touch with the support team who'll be able to advise you further.

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