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Feature Spotlight Sessions

Everything you need to know about our Feature Spotlight Sessions

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Each month our gurus step up to the stage to show off their knowledge of specific Rotaready features via an online webinar.

Lasting just 15-30 minutes, these quick-fire sessions help you improve your knowledge of Rotaready by delving into certain areas of the product in more detail. 

We’ll also give you top advice on how to make the most out of Rotaready and show you around some areas that you may have not even noticed before!

How do I join the sessions?

We automatically send managers an invite to the sessions each month along with full details on how to join the webinar. 

Don’t worry if you can’t make it, you can still sign-up and we’ll send you a recording after the session. You can also check out our past webinars in the archive - please make sure you're logged in Rotaready in order to see past recordings.

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