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Adding attendance manually

How to add attendance manually on behalf of an employee.

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Perhaps an employee forgot to clock-in, or perhaps your device wasn't available. Whatever the reason, you can manually add attendance on an employee's behalf at a time of your choosing.

It'll always be marked to signify it was manually entered, rather than captured through a trusted device or the Rotaready app.

โ—๏ธ You shouldn't make a habit of adding attendance manually. Capturing authentic clock-ins at the exact moment they occur is an important way of measuring employee timeliness and paying people accurately.

Manually adding a clock-in/out

  1. Click on Attendance

  2. Navigate to the day of your choice and find the relevant employee

  3. Click No clock-in/out yet

  4. Click Add clock in/out (unless the employee was absent)

  5. The date/time will be automatically populated to match the start or the finish of the shift. Adjust accordingly.

If an employee doesn't appear, they don't have a scheduled shift on the chosen day.

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