You may need to adjust an attendance record. Someone could have arrived on time but clocked-in late, for example.

โ—๏ธ You should never need to make daily adjustments like winding back a late clock-out, or exactly matching a clock-in to a shift start time. Your sanitisation rules will do this automatically for you.

โœ… Whenever you amend an attendance record, it's marked as manually overridden with your name and the time. This keeps a helpful audit trail.

Adjusting attendance by day

  1. Click Attendance

  2. Navigate to your chosen day

  3. Click on the time in the Actual start or finish column

  4. Click Edit

  5. Adjust the time or site accordingly

Adjusting attendance by employee

  1. Click Staff

  2. Find the employee

  3. Click on the Attendance tab

  4. Click on the recorded time of an event

  5. Adjust the time accordingly

  6. If it's a clock-in, you'll also be able to adjust the site/department - it's important this is correct for it to reconcile with a shift

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