Shift locations
Shift locations define a shift's place of work. They're also used to control where employees can physically clock-in on the Rotaready app.
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Shift locations specify where an employee physically needs to be in order to clock in and out using the Rotaready app.

Using shift locations

  • Click Settings in the main navigation menu

  • Click Shift locations

Adding a shift location or editing an existing location

Every shift location is tied to a real physical place. Use the in-line Google Maps to search for somewhere and drag the pin to the exact spot, if it isn't already there. Then, click the pin and click Add as new location. Here you can specify whether you'd like to update an existing location or save this as a new one.

Rotaready will remember the exact latitude and longitude. We try to do a reverse look-up to find the correct address for you, but you may choose to edit it if it isn't quite right.

Managing a shift location

Click on the shift location as found beneath the map to explore its setup.

Attendance settings

By checking allow staff to clock-in and clock-out here you'll see a red ring drawn around the pin on the map preview. This will allow employees located inside the ring to register their attendance using the Rotaready mobile app.

Adjust the attendance sensitivity to change the radius of the red ring. Alternatively you can uncheck attendance sensitivity, meaning an employee can clock in from anywhere.

❗️ Due to the volatile nature of signal strength and mobile GPS, phones sometimes struggle to determine their current location quickly and with high accuracy. So while we understand the desire to set the attendance sensitivity as low as possible, to prevent employees from clocking-in outside your building, you may find setting a higher value will lead to faster clock-ins and less employee frustration (from the app finding they're still too far away from work).

You can optionally check only when staff are working a shift marked with this location. This means that an employee will only be able to register their attendance through the mobile app when the shift they’re clocking in/out for has the shift location set on it. You might do this if you wish to restrict the scenarios when an employee can clock in at a certain location – perhaps if only a subset of employees should be allowed to clock in from home, for example.

Scheduling with shift locations

A shift location can optionally be specified on a shift. This may be to achieve the above, or in the unusual event that you want to denote precisely where the shift will take place.

❗️ If you want an employee to temporarily work in a different site/department to normal, shift locations is not for you. Learn more about cover shifts instead.

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