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Marking a rota for approval
Marking a rota for approval

Flag a rota as ready to be reviewed before it's published and visible to other employees.

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Marking a rota for approval is an intermediary step between drafting a rota and publishing it.

Typically the person who drafts the rota will mark it as ready for approval when they're finished. Someone more senior, like a manager or head office team member, will review the rota and publish it.

โ—๏ธ Marking for approval is only possible if rota approval is enabled. Ask Rotaready to enable this setting for your organisation. It's also a good idea to revoke the 'can publish rotas' access right from the permission level associated with your employees who are responsible for drafting rotas.

Marking a rota for approval

Simply navigate to your chosen week in the rota editor, and click Mark for approval.

Identifying rotas that need approval

The Rota progress report lists all sites/departments and flags those that have: drafted a rota, marked as ready for approval and published a rota.

Being notified when a rota is ready for approval

Use the Subscribe button on the Rota progress report, or on the rota editor to opt-in to being notified when a rota needs approval.

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