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Working Time regulations

Sometimes known as the Working Time Directive, or simply WTD, these are the regulations that restrict what employees can do.

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For our customers within Europe, the working time regulations are enforced under the Working Time Directive (WTD). This is EU legislation that applies limits to what hours employees can work and how they are rested. This can include the length of shifts, the length of rest breaks between shifts, and the minimum number of days off.

There are additional rules for employees aged under 18, and they cannot legally opt-out. Employees aged 18 or over can opt-out, which excludes them from some but not all of the WTD regulations.

How Rotaready helps

Rotaready will let you know if you're violating the regulations for an employee. This can happen in real-time while you're editing the rota, causing a validation issue to appear.

There's also an aggregated violations report that appears on your rota dashboard. This report is automatically re-calculated every night, though you can use the recalculate button whenever necessary.

Employee opt-out or opt-in

An employee must give you their written consent to opt them out of the WTD.

  1. Click on Staff

  2. Find the employee

  3. Click on the Employment tab

  4. Scroll down to the Appointments section

  5. Click on the Effective date of the relevant appointment

  6. Check or uncheck the Working Time regulations opt-out checkbox

Rotaready only respects this preference in line with the employee's age.

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