Reactivate an employee

What to do if an ex-employee rejoins your organisation.

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When someone rejoins your organisation, the best thing to do is to find the existing employee's account and create a new employment record.

This feature is especially useful for organisations who use casual staff, such as students, who may take long breaks while they are studying.

You simply need to create a new employment on the employee's existing account and set the start date to the date they are re-joining. If this is today or in the past, the account will be reactivated immediately. If it's in the future, Rotaready will reactivate the account when the date comes around but you'll be able to assign shifts ahead of time (so long as they start on or after this date).

Reactivating an account

  1. Find the employee’s profile

  2. Click Employment

  3. Click the Options button by the employee's latest Employment record

  4. Select New employment

  5. Don't forget to populate all fields before clicking Add

⚠️ You should only reinstate an employment if an employee chooses not to leave your organisation or a change needs to be made to the employment leave details. If an employee returns to the business however, you should always add a new employment.

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