Ending an employment allows organisations to prepare for the departure of an employee and sets their leave date.

Once someone's employment has ended, Rotaready won't allow you to assign them any shifts beyond their leave date. The employee won't be able to request absence beyond their leave date either.

Once the leave date has passed, the employee's account will be automatically deactivated. They won't be able to sign-in, nor will they continue to appear on the rota.

Ending an employment

  1. Find the employee's profile

  2. Click Employments

  3. Click the Options button within their Current employment

  4. Select End employment and enter the employee's leave details

The employee will become 'inactive' once the leave date has elapsed. This will hide them from the employee list by default, but clicking the option to 'include inactive' employees or using the staff search bar will reveal them once more. They will continue to appear in any reports, as appropriate.

If you need to update the leave details of an employment record, select Reinstate employment from the Options button to reinstate their employment and follow the above steps.

If someone re-joins your organisation

Simply return to their Employment tab and add an employment with their new start date. Rotaready will automatically re-enable their account when the date arrives. Learn more about reactivating an employment.

Note: It's not currently possible to delete an employee record in its entirety, as many functions within Rotaready rely on their data being available, such as historical reports.

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