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How to approve new joiners and how to be notified when someone is pending approval.

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If Account Approval is enabled, any new employees added to Rotaready must be approved by someone with the appropriate permissions before they can be assigned shifts.

Account approval is perfect if you'd like head office staff to approve new joiners added by site managers. Crucially, it gives you time to confirm the new joiner is valid, verify any data entered is correct and perform any internal processes, all before the new joiner can sign-in and be assigned shifts.

❗️This feature has to be enabled by Rotaready. Drop us a message and we'll be happy to help!

Approve an account

Once a new employee has been created, it will automatically be marked for approval.

To approve an account

  1. Select the Requests tab from the main navigation (Staff -> Requests)

  2. Click the New joiners tab

  3. Select one or more sites from the drop-down options

  4. Check an employee's name profile by clicking on their name

  5. Click to Approve the account in the Options column beside the user's details

Alternatively, you can approve an account directly from an employees profile by clicking the Options button within the Account tab of their profile.

You may also subscribe to receive notifications (when employees require approval or have been approved) by clicking the subscribe button on the New joiners tab.

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