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How to maintain employee personal information, for HR needs.

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Much like an HR repository, Rotaready holds key personal information for each employee. It is not compulsory to supply every detail, but some fields are crucial in order to support wider functionality across the platform.

In this section, you are able to view and edit the following details:

  • Name

  • Date of birth (useful for Working Time regulation compliance)

  • Address (and address history)

  • Marital status

  • Gender

  • Nationality

  • Ethnicity

  • Passport details

  • Settled status (UK)

  • Email address (all employees must have a valid email address for account setup)

  • Mobile number (allows communication by SMS)

  • Secondary contact details

  • External IDs (which can be used simply for reference or to support third party integrations)

  • Emergency contact details (found under More options)

πŸ‘ This tab is permission controlled, ensuring only those with the required privileges can view employee personal details.

βœ… Changes to an employee's personal details are tracked. The Employment Changes report shows the audit trail.

βœ… You can add a profile picture to an employee's profile. Do so by finding their account in the Staff section then clicking on the circle by their name (which will either show an existing profile picture or their initials with a coloured background). A profile picture will be displayed by an employee's name in many areas of Rotaready.

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