Staff groups

Visually group employees across Rotaready using staff groups.

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Staff groups allow you to visually categorise employees. This could be by function, department or something entirely different - it's up to you!

When viewing a rota in the group view, your employees will be visually separated by their corresponding staff group. You'll also find employee listings, absence bookings, reports and other resources across Rotaready can be filtered by staff group.

Staff groups are organisation-wide; this means they'll appear in every site/department. This can be useful when building cross-site reports.

โœ… An employee can only belong to one staff group at any one time. This doesn't mean they can't perform multiple functions, it's simply that groups are for visual categorisation only. You might find tags useful instead.

Adding a staff group

  1. Click Settings from the main navigation menu

  2. Click Tags & groups

  3. Look for Staff groups and add a new one there

Assigning an employee to a staff group

  1. Click Staff from the main navigation menu

  2. Search for an employee

  3. Click the Employment tab

  4. Add a new appointment or edit an existing one

  5. Select your chosen staff group

If you delete a staff group, the employees currently associated with it need to be moved into another group, so Rotaready will ask you to choose one when doing so.

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