If you use Google Calendar, Apple Calendar on iCloud, Outlook or any other popular calendar software on your computer or phone, you can integrate your Rotaready schedule. This means your shifts and absence bookings will appear on your calendar and keep automatically in-sync.

We've included the steps below for integrating our iCal feed with some of the most popular calendar platforms:

All platforms

  • Log-in to Rotaready using a web browser

  • Click on My schedule, found under Home

  • At the bottom of the page, look for iCalendar Feed

  • Click Generate and copy the URL to your clipboard using the copy button

  • Now follow the relevant steps for your calendar software below:

Google Calendar

  • First, follow the steps for All platforms (above)

  • Open Google Calendar in a web browser

  • In the sidebar, look for Other calendars and click the + button, then click From URL

  • Paste the URL into the field provided, and click Add calendar

It may take up to 12 hours for changes to show in your Google calendar.

Apple Calendar (iCloud)

  • First, follow the steps for All platforms (above)

  • Open the Calendar app on your Mac

  • In the File menu, click New Calendar Subscription...

  • Paste the URL into the field provided and click Subscribe

  • Enter a name such as Rotaready, and choose a colour

  • Choose iCloud from the Location menu, then click Ok

Other calendar software

We don't yet have instructions for other calendar software.

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