Using the Rotaready Alexa skill

Have an Amazon Echo? The Rotaready Alexa skill is free and lets you ask "When am I next working?" and more.

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Ask Alexa when you're next working to learn your upcoming shifts. She'll also highlight if there's anything special about the shifts, such as if you're working in a different site/venue to normal.

How to install the Rotaready Alexa skill

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device

  • Tap the menu icon, then tap Skills & Games

  • Tap the search icon and search for Rotaready

  • Tap Enable To Use

  • You'll now be guided through the familiar Rotaready sign-in process to log-in to your account

Alternatively, head here to sign in to your Amazon account and install the Rotaready skill.

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